Productized is a non-profit association whose mission is to connect entrepreneurs and established business leaders with investors, product specialists, designers and service providers. Productized operates with a clear vision that best business ideas need well thought out and designed products to flourish. Productized exists to foster a business culture focused on creating products. The Productized Consulting offers innovative programs and professional services to organizations that want to flourish in this kind of cultural change within their teams. This cultural change is implemented not only through training and transformative events, but also through hands-on activities and coaching in projects that lead multidisciplinary teams, from the idea to the launch of new products; of a need felt to their satisfaction, generating new business.

Role in the project

Productized will have a substantial role in the development of mobility solutions being responsible of the link with the EU transport accelerators ecosystem and of the HiReach Startup Lab. Productized will contribute to engagement and dissemination with a focus on businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs.



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