10 selected startups

Tandem is startup from the UK is creating the next generation of mobility in smaller cities and towns, starting by turning local taxis into shared micro-buses. They will be hosted in Lincolnshire County, in the UK.


Dreamwaves from Austria is developing a navigation and orientation solution to assist blind and visually impaired people in overcoming their mobility challenges they will be hosting their own pilot in Vienna.


Ne-mi from Spain is bringing inclusive, efficient and sustainable demand-responsive mobility to those areas with inexistent or ineffective public transport. They will be hosted by Matosinhos, a city council in Portugal.


Lamiloo from Germany is ubereats for pharmacies, and they offer local pharmacies a service for drug deliveries by bike, from the pharmacy to the end customer. Making drugs accessible for everyone! They are helping a particular vulnerable segment of the population – the elderly – staying at home during the outbreak.


Childfy from Spain is a safe riding service for the new generation helping parents to reconcile work and family life. They are to be hosted with a Malaga non-for-profit organization.


Neobility from Romania mission is to help vulnerable people around the world access shared mobility cheaply and safely with a fleet of on demand vans that are more affordable than services like uber. 

CityMaaS from the UK uses AI & Data to enable inclusive travel for disabled people with self-filtered accessibility data layer & self-adaptive UX/UI, and they will be hosted by Valpi Bus in Portugal.


Hoop from Spain aims to transform the private car into a social and sustainable means of transport, by connecting people to share their everyday rides. They will be hosted by El Escorial Hospital to conduct a trial on patients and medical staff transportation.


B2Ride from Germany offers a fully managed carpooling solution to reduce cost of parking & mobility and to avoid individual traffic & emissions. They will be running their own pilot in Austria.


Mobito from Belgium offers an orchestration mobility activity service through a platform that facilitates the provision of mobility services and information. They are going to be hosted by the Ghent city council.


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