Are you willing to host a HiReach pilot?

Interested in being involved in a Startup Lab and in developing solutions to address transport poverty with HiReach?


Here is your opportunity to welcome a pilot and help solving transport poverty problems!

Do you have a problem that affects vulnerable people? We can help you overcoming it!

Reach us and be a part of this acceleration program.


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What is the HiReach StartUp Lab about?

The Start Up Lab consists on a dedicated program which will run from February to September 2020. It will combine an ideation and acceleration phase, in which entrepreneurs will work with open data sets and develop solutions that can be suitable to tackle transport poverty among vulnerable groups of people, such as elderly people, children, women, migrants, unemployed and poor-income, disabled and people living in remote and deprived areas.


What are we looking for?

Transport authorities, operators, government bodies, community associations and for-profit or companies. The list is not restrictive, provided that the promotor has a mobility-related problem they seek to address or wish to develop a new creative service or product from scratch. If so, this is your chance. You will just have to welcome our entrepreneurs and allow them to work cooperatively with you.


What we offer?

A team of bright entrepreneurs to work full time on your case and a comprehensive acceleration program organised in three stages.

Stage 1 is an immersive one-week bootcamp where the team works on a first prototype.

After this period, your case can be selected for a full three-month acceleration programme. During this Stage 2, the team will work on the development of a running prototype or MVP.

Lastly, your case may be qualified for a first roll-out (Stage 3).


What is entailed?

At least one person in your organization should be available to travel at least twice to the venue of the acceleration program (all expenses paid), to host the roll out of the pilot and interact with HiReach partners to provide feedback about the progress of the team.


Until when can you apply?

You can apply now by filling in our online questionnaire.


When will you know if you were selected?

By the end of November, the jury members will establish contact with a group of selected cases that were considered to be fit to be integrated in the HiReach StartUp Lab.


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