B2RIDE: Business ridesharing

B2RIDE Business Ridesharing is a provider of a smart Business Ridesharing and Van-Pooling solution for employees. With the support of HiReach, they are now focusing on vulnerable people in rural areas. Their mission to “Empower people to simply use shared mobility services”. B2RIDE was awarded at the business plan competition BayStartUP in Bavaria in March 2019.

The team has developed inclusive features and services for vulnerable people and provide employees with the necessary peer-to-peer matching software, paid for by the employer.

Users can define their ride preferences, for example to restrict matching to women only or to be matched with disabled people. New matching groups make it possible to bring together people in wheelchairs with people who are willing to transport them into larger vehicles – what they call vanpooling. The vanpooling service works like a taxi service with a dedicated driver and is based on the same software. It offers especially vulnerable people a safe journey between home and work.

The matching software is white label and fully available. Rides can be requested and offered with frontends such as Android and iOS apps, web browsers and even calendars.

B2RIDE performs all necessary operating services such as reporting, gamification and communication. In the reports, they provide all the necessary details on a daily basis, such as the number of users, the number of travel requests, the matched rides, the role of users such as driver, passenger or both, and the distance and emissions avoided. There is a lot of additional data that they evaluate with business intelligence tools. Based on all this data, they suggest activities to the employer to ensure that the ridesharing community flourishes. These may include communication, lotteries, rewards for the leader board and information days on mobility.

In order to inform all users about the travel requests offered, they provide all details of departures and arrivals at a customer location in real time, which can be displayed in the canteen or near the exit of a company building. The team also supports integration of all travel requests into any Mobility as a Service platform to open the community for everyone.

Thanks to HiReach, B2RIDE identified new target groups during the bootcamp in Vienna. During the acceleration programme they conducted many interviews with authorities, hospitals and companies that employ people with disabilities. Their target groups are authorities, companies and districts, that employ all people with disabilities.

Their key competitive advantages are the unique operating and onboarding services, the unique ridesharing and van-pooling services for vulnerable people and the strong cooperation partners, such as Deutsche Bahn Regio Bus and Schwarz.

Their aim is to continue with the pilot development to finalize their work on van-pooling for people in wheelchairs, to provide ridesharing services across organizations borders, to do the first MaaS Integration with Deutsche Bahn Regio Bus and run several pilot trials with 7 customers in Germany and Austria.



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