Childfy was born in Málaga (Spain) in January 2020 thanks to the AllStartup weekend organized by Demium. An event to connect entrepreneurs and develop a scalable business idea. Juan Árevalo the CEO and Marian Jiménez the CMO first met during this event and Andrei Sandu joined later the project as CTO. Juan is an experienced social/technological entrepreneur that enjoys developing products and solutions to solve real world problems. He is a father of twins and always looking for solutions to support families achieving a work-life balance. Marian is a pedagogue with extensive experience working with children and as an entrepreneur founded two digital marketing agencies. Andrei is a senior full-stack developer and gamification expert for children and founded two other companies.

Childfy offers a carpooling solution for families contributing to achieving work life balance and creating a network of families. Childfy is the only platform connecting families for sharing trips to schools, academia and clubs. Childfy provides a location based real-time notification system ensuring route optimization and providing all the functionalities for parents to keep track of their children. They have carried out a validation exercise using their first MVP with a selected group of families (>25) and schools (>15).

The pilot is being implemented in Malaga province (including rural areas) with a population of 571.026 inhabitants. There are 175.290 children enrolled in primary education (3-11 years old) and 76.000 in secondary schools (12- 15 years old), according to the Regional Government: “Junta de Andalucia” 2019. Therefore, the total target population is more than 250.000 children and the aim is to target 4.000 children during the first year. Their objective is also to support single parent families with economic difficulties.

HiReach has played a key role in their project by providing high quality mentoring support including international experts in the mobility sector with specific experience with children, marketing support, technical advice and business models. After an initial prototyping phase, Childfy developed a fully functional MVP that was later validated with families and schools. Several marketing actions were also carried out to support families during the Covid-19 crisis generating community. They are currently developing the first version of the mobile app based on the feedback gathered. The team turned an idea into reality in just a few months with the support of the programme.

Childfy’s hosting institution La Noria ( from Diputación de Malaga (Regional Local Authority) supported the project from the first day providing a network of families and schools to carry out the pilot, ensuring the visibility of the project and contributed to build more trust in their service. They are planning to do their first trial in Marbella (July 2020) in collaboration with several schools that will be opened for the summer reinforcement programme. The official product launch will be at the beginning of the school season in September 2020. The solution will be also tested in rural areas as requested by the host.



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