CityMaaS: Assist people with limited mobility

CityMaaS is a startup founded 2019, based in London, the UK. It is a team of professionals with diverse background. The team consists of experienced executives and award-winning software engineers and data scientists, dedicated to creating solutions for inclusive mobility and help businesses to be inclusive of people with disabilities.


These are the main product key features:

CityMaaS Target group for this project is people live in Suburban areas of North Portugal, in particularly the elderly and disabled people, as the host company is a public bus company from North of Portugal.

There are 2.4 million people live in the metropolitan area of Porto. The largest age group is between 60 to 69. The team is able to improve bus users experience on their bus journeys to an extend that they have helped the suburban population of north of Portugal to tackle poverty by making their bus journey accessible and pleasant especially the elderly.

CityMaaS core value proposition is to create an inclusive mobility system for businesses in three ways:

  1. Providing real time and personalised information for people with disabilities and the elderly to travel from A to B,
  2. Provide personalised digital experience for all to ensure successful interaction with any digital products and services.
  3. Provide API/Widget for businesses to data stream the live accessibility information.

Since the bootcamp and the discussion with Valpi Bus, the host company from HiReach programme, the team has narroourdown their focus to the following:

  1. An inclusive white label bus app to help people live and work, and tourists in the north of Portugal to avoid time wasting and do journey planning for their travel.
  2. Created a digitally inclusive platform for travellers via CODIE.
  3. Provide dashboard for bus operators to optimise their operation and improve their profit margins.

Since the bootcamp and the acceleration phrase, CityMaaS has been able to narrow down their focus and refine their value proposition and prototype their business model that is currently being tested in the real operational environment, bringing CityMaaS Technology from TRL 6 to TRL 8/9.



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