HiReach consortium has submitted for publication a book entitled “Re-thinking Mobility Poverty. Understanding User´s Geographies, Backgrounds and Aptitudes” in Routledge. The publication is based on the findings and results from the first phase of the project, related to the analysis of mobility needs and capabilities of vulnerable to exclusion user groups and Technische Universität Berlin is the main editor.

This book seeks to better conceptualise and define mobility poverty, addressing both its geographies and socio-economic landscapes. It moves beyond the analysis of ‘transport poverty’ and innovatively explores mobility inequalities and social construction of mobility disadvantages. It offers a comparison of the global phenomenon through fieldwork conducted in six different European countries - Greece, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania and Germany.

The book will demonstrate the project’s research achievements and the impacts of the project worldwide. It will also be of importance to the wider scientific community engaged with transport poverty, accessibility and inclusive mobility and will be useful reading for planners, sociologists, geographers, mobility/transport researchers, mobility advocates, policymakers and transport practitioners. The high scientific profile of the participating academic and research institutes as well as the general interest in the EU and the member states in the issues of transport disadvantage in prioritized areas (urban, peri-urban and rural) and vulnerable to exclusion social groups in Europe guarantees a high interest of policy makers and the public towards this publication and its success.

The book is now offered for pre-order here and will be available totally in open access, both online and on print on December 10th, 2020.




Wednesday, September 9, 2020

HiReach Book: Re-thinking Mobility Poverty. Understanding User´s Geographies, Backgrounds and Aptitudes


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