The goal of this report is to compare the results of HiReach desktop research on transport poverty (see Deliverable 2.1) with those obtained in the field and to provide the foundation for the project’s next activities: i) identification of new mobility options and business models and ii) development of mobility solutions.

HiReach’s fieldwork results, here reported, represent a first-timer. Stakeholders’ interviews and focus groups with final users were carried out in six different countries, covering a large range of social layers and geographical diversity (urban, peri-urban and rural). This deliverable reports in detail the fieldwork conducted and the obtained findings with regard to the mobility needs of different vulnerable groups.

This report is final output of our Work Package 2 (Analysis of mobility needs and capabilities).

Read the whole report here

Thursday, July 4, 2019

HiReach report on Mobility in prioritised areas: inputs from the final users is online!


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