Hoop Carpool

Hoop is a carpooling solution that connects drivers and passengers so they can share their daily rides to work, university, hospital, etc. This project started 2 years ago with the purpose of empowering people with opportunities to change their world. The team consists and partner with companies, universities, city halls and hospitals to reach their final users and helps them save emissions while improving their stakeholders’ wellbeing.

This solution has been designed for people who work or live in rural areas or city peripheries, where there are poor transport connections and no alternatives to the private vehicle. They want people to make a more efficient use of their own car by providing empty seats to others in exchange for a fair price for cost-sharing.

The app allows users to be drivers or passengers depending on the day and to publish their routines in an easy way. Once this is done, the app finds match for each of them and suggests drivers or passengers. The app also includes a payments’ platform to share ride costs. It has safety features such as ID verification for drivers, as well as phone and corporate email verification. The app counts on a ratings system and on a promo-code system that is used to incentivize the users. Hoop also produces monthly sustainability reports measuring the impact of their solution on the environment, and they provide personalized reports to each of their partners, so they can communicate this to their internal and external stakeholders. So far, Hoop has a community of 5.000 users and around 2.000 available rides on the app every week.

Hoop has always been focused on people, but HiReach allowed them to learn more about transport poverty and focus on specific vulnerable sectors. For this reason, they managed to focus on hospitals and rural areas, where the need for better transport connections is patent. The team found an amazing partnership with hospital de El Escorial, a hospital in a rural area in the region of Madrid who found really necessary this solution, and even involved the surrounding city halls in it.

With Covid-19, the hospital had to deal with the huge challenge of building a whole new unit in a nearby hotel to face the enormous demand of patients. After the peak of the illness, the team realised how useful it is to promote Hoop solution to help hospital employees and patients to avoid agglomerations in public transport. For this reason, they are arranging a new schedule for offering appointments to the patients based on their address, so they can find a carpooling tandem more easily.

Regarding the product, during these months, Hoop has been testing the solution with patients, doctors, and people living in those areas, and they have implemented all their feedback. They have gone through 4 sprints already and they will most likely launch the solution before summer with a new version of the app. Hoop is implementing functionalities such as “wheelchair space check”, “only women filter” and a parking optimisation solution. They also allow users to save their favorite address such as the hospital, so they never have to search for it again.



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