Lamiloo: From pharmacies to end consumers

Lamiloo is delivering drugs on demand, by bike from pharmacies to end consumers. Based in Munich Alex (CTO) and David (CEO) are pushing the vison of effortless same-day-delivery since the beginning of 2019.

Especially elderly people are suffering from current non availability of drugs. If their requested drug is not available, they have to come to the pharmacy a second time, which is not comfortable because most of them are handicapped. In the current COVID19 pandemic lamiloo enables elderly people in getting their medicine without the risk of being infected.

Through integration into the processes of the pharmacy and intelligent route planning, lamiloo can provide same-day delivery within 3 hours of ordering. In addition, lamiloo offers a plannable time window delivery. Through efficient bundling of deliveries, speed advantages of bicycle couriers in urban areas and an intelligent route planning algorithm, lamiloo can realize comparatively low delivery costs.

The team makes health care accessible for everyone – with smart and sustainable logistics.

Through HiReach resources and expertise lamiloo could launch their mvp in a first trial phase in April. Together with 10 local pharmacies and the support of the host company, they could deliver about 700 deliveries serving over 300 people in the high risk group over the age of 61.


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