Mobito: Mobility of tomorrow

Mobito is a Brussels based company facilitating the exchange of Mobility Data. Their mission is to help businesses and cities leverage the power of data to improve their services and make data-driven decisions towards more connected, efficient and sustainable urban cities. Mobito started the summer of 2019 and now they have 7 full time members split in their two offices in Brussels and Athens. They are industry experts and have in the past been successful in another mobility company serving major OEMs.

The problem space in which Mobito is positioned is the one of the flow of mobility data. Looking at the mobility ecosystem they identify many struggles in accessing, utilizing and exchanging data. This way benefits of using data are obstructed and Cities struggle to understand mobility needs and habits. Mobito addresses this problem with a Mobility Data Marketplace that facilitates the exchange of mobility data and a Mobility City Terminal that allows cities to take control of their mobility data and use it to improve their city’s mobility services. They enable this through data exchange, management and intelligence functionalities. Enabling the flow of data produces social impact, economic and financial results. For example, registering and sharing mobility accessibility data empowers the city and businesses to reduce transportation poverty. Mobito's initial focus lies on public transportation, where they help the cities work towards Equal Access to all. Other data categories they focus on include pollution and traffic data which help cities measure and improve air quality.

The interaction with the city host and the public bus operator helped Mobito confirm some of their assumptions that underlie the focus of their product. Namely they were able to single out 3 key learnings. First, it is difficult to exchange mobility data and the methods of exchange are often manual and old fashioned. Second, mobility data often lacks standardization and is in a form that makes it hard to process. Finally, cities often lack the right infrastructure and skills to derive intelligence from such data and guide decisions. HiReach helped the team to source a pilot project with a Municipality in Portugal and exemplify the benefits of leveraging real time data to improve monitoring and decision making through their Mobility City Terminal. In this pilot project, they integrated data coming from local bus operators and developed a bus operator performance evaluation mechanism. This mechanism delivers to city officials dynamically generated KPIs that track the performance of the operator. As a next step, Mobito integrates contextual data, such as traffic data to be used in the resolution of disputes between city and operator. Finally, they build on this use case by mapping information pertaining to mobility accessibility data and help the city understand the coverage of their public transport to those vulnerable segments.




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