The MoTiV project organized a workshop in Barcelona entitled “The power of Data Analytics in assessing Value of Time for Mobility and Transport Planning: uncovering users’ mobility behaviour”.  The Portuguese consultancy company TIS is involved in both projects, so they were in a good position to understand the communalities between the two projects.

This was the opportunity to emphasize that HiReach has been working with a concept of transport poverty which is consistent with the MoTiV approach. Indeed, the perceived value of travel time was conceptualized during the early stages of the HiReach project as a key dimension to understand and characterize transport poverty phenomenon.

The incoming StartUpLab, which is being planned by HiReach will be an opportunity to call for novel transport solutions and/or business products that could make an impact in diminishing the perceived travel time while waiting for transport services or to making journeys more enriching and worthwhile, by taking the most of new connectivity and digitalization tools.

The workshop was attended by several industry members from Catalonia. It was therefore a great moment to disseminate some of the project preliminary results and activities, which are attractively summarized in the Insights Package, an easy-to-read document which was handed over to all the participants. It offers also a chance to disseminate the call for piloting and testing’s which could potentially involve any organization and institution that either has or is aware of a mobility-related problem, impacting on the ease of vulnerable citizens to fulfil their mobility needs. Attendees were encouraged to learn more about this fascinating opportunity by browsing through the HiReach website and reaching out to the project partners to collect more information.

This was the first of a series of cross-fertilization events scheduled for the next months, as HiReach will also take part in a joint session at the CIVITAS-FORUM, in Graz, assembling other transport related projects that are currently working on inclusiveness measures.


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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

MoTiV workshop “The power of Data Analytics in assessing Value of Time for Mobility and Transport Planning: uncovering users’ mobility behaviour”


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