Neobility: Building the future of urban mobility

Neobility is an urban mobility startup set out to improve life in the urban areas with a focus on alternative sustainable solutions and improving access to resources for all city dwellers. The company was founded in 2019 and since then the team has grown to a total of 14 persons deeply passionate about the mission they are tackling.

Half the team is focused on tech development, while the rest is supporting them with business, operations or marketing. The team gathers experience ranging from corporations to successful startups, from mobility to consumer hardware or even gaming. They are all bringing their experience and energy together to create what we believe to be a living-breathing product to improve everyone’s day to day urban lifestyle.

One of the key-focus areas of Neobility is optimising mobility solutions to increase accessibility for all social categories. They do this by both working on human-transportation solutions as well as parcel delivery for vulnerable groups - both highly focused on minimum price points and maximum coverage areas. This happens by creating on-demand pooled services (be it people or parcels) that create a compromise between speed and cost. By splitting costs between items on common paths with no fixed pre-planned routes the team can achieve a service leveling out the impact your home zip-code has on income and access to resources.

The system works permanently with an existing fleet to optimise routes to meet the requirements with minimal “driving on empty”, taking into account each change in the system - be it new orders or new drivers coming onboard.

The first pilot was called Neo.Delivery, focused on low-margin deliveries for Covid-impacted local businesses and NGOs supporting vulnerable groups during difficult times - especially low-income families as well as autistic children. These groups heavily relied on deliveries for survival during this period.

While the initial project was to give support with human transportation, the COVID situation made this goal impossible on the timeframe we had with the project. So, the team decided to use their platform and algorithms to support the new needs that appeared because of the crisis. HiReach was great in terms of supporting Neobility with the shift and giving them valuable advice about go-to-market and feature feasibility to address the target vulnerable groups.

Neobility worked with over 70 businesses and 5 NGOs during the MVP stage. One of the most heartful impact was helping out an NGO working with autistic children - “Help Autism”. The team both delivered special packages for children’s day (1st of June) as well as special packages meant to help their parents while volunteers were unable to reach them due to the Covid situation. This service will be kept on the long run to free up volunteer time for more personal-touch activities.




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