The SingularityU Italy Milano Innovation Village ( took place on 8-9 October 2019 in Milano, Italy. HiReachEU partner Andre Marquet from Productized presented the project talking about "Coping mobility inclusion challenges with the digital transformation revolution" and participated in the panel "The challenges of mobility", a panel conversation about challenges and opportunities for new mobility infrastructures in the cities of tomorrow.

In his talk, Andre Marquet tried to address an aspect that the startup community needs to hear more about and it is in line with the Singularity University vision of solving 1 billion people worth problems: most mobility start-up-led solutions do revolve around a privileged minority, white middle-aged men living in urban areas. A new focus on more inclusive mobility is necessary to the overall social and ever-pressing climate challenges. The HiReach mobility challenges were presented on how we can improve the mobility of young people, the elderly, women, people with reduced mobility, immigrants, populations of low-income and unemployed, in peripheral-urban, rural or remote areas.



Tuesday, October 8, 2019

SingularityU Italy Milano Innovation Village


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