Startup Lab


The HiReach Startup Lab will develop solutions to transport poverty with market potential. There will be efforts to continue developing and commercialising these solutions beyond the completion of the HiReach project.

The HiReach Startup Lab will:

  • Explore and test new solutions based on the creative work of startups, innovative entrepreneurs and local communities
  • Provide open source tools, guidance and support to developers as well as testbeds for new inclusive mobility solutions

HiReach will offer support to interested startups engaging them in a startup accelerator, in which they will detail their solutions from technical and business model perspectives.

The HiReach Startup Lab process:

  • Open call for startups
  • Stage 1: one week with about 20 startups (light follow-ups)
  • Stage 2: three months with up to 5 startups (in-depth follow-ups)
  • 4 products will be selected for testing under HiReach



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