One of the HiReach goals is to develop and provide useful software tools/ APIs that may be used by the startups selected for the HiReach acceleration program or any stakeholder working in the transport poverty domain, to be integrated in their own software solution as a support for their services. In this regard we started with the identification of existing open tools/APIs covering different aspects related to mobility solutions, but also having in mind vulnerable groups. All the findings are disseminated through an online toolbox built on the HiReach website.

The search for these tools/APIs was based on previously defined functionalities (a functionality being, as defined in the Cambridge Dictionary, each action/ task a computer, software solution, or piece of electronic equipment is able to do) that were discovered following an analysis of existing software solutions, and on the needs/challenges reported by the experts involved in our project.

In principle, open source tools/APIs were supposed to be considered, as they are inexpensive solutions that could easily be configured as needed and customizable for any application. But, as the search progressed, other types of tools were encountered, which contained a certain degree of openness and may also be useful for startups. Therefore, we have also included free to use software, which means that is distributed with no cost to the user, but the source code is typically not made available, or freemium software that is provided free of charge, but with limited usage or features which can be exceeded by paying a fee.

The content is structured based on the functionalities that these tools/APIs provide (e.g. Background Map, Route planner, Timetables, Error trapping / Geofencing, Trip monitoring / sharing et al.). In addition, other information was considered to be useful and included, like links to the full description and the source code, licence information, usage or implementation restrictions, and technical data (such as code language, or API response type).

The toolbox contains more than 100 tools/APIs that have been identified, from different categories like: Transportation, Messaging and Feedback, IoT, Payment, Social media integration, Chat bot, Cloud services, Gamification, relevant to the startups who will be involved in the HiReach Startup Lab.

You may find more information in our deliverable here.


Monday, April 20, 2020

Suggested open access tools/APIs developed to meet product development needs in the scope of transport poverty


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