Technische Universität Berlin


The Berlin University of Technology is the largest technical university in Germany with a strong research tradition in transport. The chair of “Work and Technology” and the Centre for Technology and Society (CTS) of TU Berlin together employ about 60 researchers for studies in Technology and Society. The staff integrates expertise in technology, planning and social sciences. The department runs an advanced research group on the future of mobility, vocational studies and industry forecast.

More particularly, the applicants´ competencies encompass the future of transport and mobility, transport policies, sustainable development, stakeholders’ involvement. The role of historical heritage and sustainable development has been also focal in the department activities.

Role in the project

TUB will be responsible of the analysis of mobility needs of vulnerable to exclusion groups, coordinating the activities relevant to the analysis of mobility needs and capabilities. TUB will also support the analysis of case studies and best practices in WP3 and will be responsible of the local case study in Germany.



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