HiReach has conducted fieldwork studies in six different countries, covering a large range of social layers and geographical diversity (urban, peri-urban and rural). It is the first time such fieldwork results have been obtained for the mobility needs of various vulnerable groups.

Through extensive fieldwork HiReach has identified the multiple faces of transport poverty that can have different mobility needs according to different socio-economic background and origin. 6 HiReach Personas have been created for each of the six regions covered by the studies. Each Persona represents a different type of vulnerable to mobility exclusion groups, the most characteristic for each region, with its specific needs, barriers and expectations.

The HiReach Personas helps guide the project’s ideation process to achieve the goal of designing the most suitable solution for target user group.

Get to know the HiReach Personas!



Monday, July 1, 2019

Get to know HiReach Personas


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